Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Wedding Weekend - #1

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to my first ever Wedding/s and coincidentally there just happened to be two!

The first was an old family friend's from my hometown of Southend-On-Sea who now happens to be the drummer in the rather successful band 'The Horrors'. This was a pretty spectacular wedding which even had a bit of a super group performing! I really was so happy to be invited to this, it was a great opportunity to see all the old Southend faces I used to party with and pretend like it was 2006 at Junk again.

Here are a few photos - i'll admit i stole a few off the ones from the bottom from facebook as I was being a bit lazy with my camera that day

I am wearing a sailor dress bought from the Collectif store in Spittlefields reduced from £69 to £33!! I was having a mad rush the day before not knowing what to wear, and was totally overjjoyed when i found this dress in my size and budget.

My hat is from Primark purchased a couple of years ago.

During the Speeches...

Picture of my friend Brad, the reception was on a boat in Southend it was really lovely so see all the boats in the background especially when the tide eventually came in.

These last few pictures were stolen from Facebook, they were taken by the very talented Carly Scott check out her stuff she's brilliant.

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  1. Such fun photos from wedding weekend! I am totally stunned to see the photos here. From I have also booked the most beautiful DC wedding venues for my fall themed wedding ceremony that we will have in this year. I wonder if you have any decoration ideas for us.