Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Wedding Weekend - #2

So the second wedding was a bit of a challenge due to the first one I'll admit i didn't get to bed until very early Sunday morning and woke up at midday with a terrible hangover and an hour to get ready.

Now i had decided to sod it and just wear the same dress to each wedding not anticipating the dancing and general partying of the night before. Stupidly I didn't bring a backup dress so was forced to wear it again I mean it was fine, I'm not a complete scumbag, It just wasn't ideal OK! haha.

The was my boyfriends dad's second wedding so it was as lavish an affair but still lively nevertheless and I managed to get a few nice photos.

 Me...idk i seemed cool at the time
 Jordan (my boyfriend) looking exceptionally chic
 Rosie (Jordan's sister) and Tom her date in an amazing 70s suit
 Jordan and Tom doing catalogue poses unintentionally 
Luci (Jordan's sister) and her boyfriend Jamie both looking stunning.

And here's a couple of the official wedding photos again stolen off facebook.

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  1. Lovely pics and lovely blog! Ciao from Italy, I'm following you on GFC :)